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Yingfu Ruihaisheng Service Apartment Beijing is located in a high-end community on the prosperous road section of the East Second Ring Road, adjacent to popular commercial districts such as Sanlitun, Gongti, and Jiujie, Dongzhimen Subway Station, Airport Express, and Beijing's larger transportation hub; there are also large shopping malls in the surroundings , Such as Ginza, Raffles City and Sanlitun Shopping Center. The restaurants are also countless, bringing you high-quality supporting living services while facilitating your travel.

This is a cost-effective option. Each room has well-equipped supporting facilities. The basic facilities provided by the hotel are also equipped with kitchenettes, refrigerators, tableware and washing machines. All bathrooms in the apartment use imported luxury bathroom brand 'ROCA'. In addition to full hardware facilities, our warm and thoughtful service makes your travel more convenient and considerate. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, we provide you with a home away from home.

There is also a beautiful pool, garden and a tennis court in the apartment, allowing you to have a comfortable place to relax during the free time of busy urban life, relax slowly, and enjoy the high-rise view of Beijing The beautiful night view of the center adds a surprise to your journey.
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  • e03442933
    Very good location, clean, warm, living very comfortable. staff good service attitude and enthusiasm.
  • grassstrong
    Service is great, good sanitation, hotel facilities are good, you can also Cook in the room, to the door, and specialized staff to meet, has been brought up to the finished procedure stay, recommend this hotel
  • wstvp
    The location was excellent, four directions have gates, the whole building as well as foreigners live more suitable for long stays. stores services are in place, also explain the use of doors for me! a praise must be
  • wuwalo
    Room very good, convenient! boss and little girl service is really attentive. Great recommendation!
  • Bambina
    Good location and convenient public transport around room, beautiful kitchen
  • E00606393
    Room very big very clean, furniture ranging, live with special comfortable, than star hotel than, see pictures on know has, no longer repeat. day to of compared late, boss personally past received of we, make finished deposit, to a Zhang card, into community and danyuanlou with of, room is password, by computer sent to phone, very security. community is high-end community, environment good is quiet and clean. in this location, three hundred or four hundred block money can live this room, does hardHave
  • e00242017
    Unfortunately, no photographs, apartment very convenient transportation, bus stop out is, Metro has seven or eight minutes, community card entered is very secure, room facilities, clean and tidy, stores are very warm, take simple ingredients, you can cook, residential door has supermarket, market, very happy with it.
  • connieyliang
    Good good good good good good good good
  • jamieli
    This is one of the most homelike hotel, equipment, condition, environment, Super, boss is considered very good for our guests, that you think of, unexpected boss thought.
  • a66462915
    Boss very well, live well
    The district, Hotel!3 day clean up once, not used. quiet, hard to find. need to come in the door access community. Security class. cleanliness good, others on their own ... likes quiet people, people like service give up!
  • tomivc
    Near the dongzhimen subway station, near many things to eat, very quiet and safe, but stayed behind for a few days, next door in the decoration, still sees a cockroach, which is unacceptable
  • cocosally
    It's not bad
  • Eiffel_liu
    Environment are particularly good, accommodation is also very good, while traveling, but there's a family feeling, boss Super warm, Super, live next business trip
  • smile9986
    This times staying, feel staff enthusiasm thoughtful, and room of facilities compared complete, eventually to of is actually has washing machine. but, this apartments of door special hard to find, and in a article compared small of road, with software taxi, actually has driver with has 8 minutes only found door location. taxi special not easy, usually to go to cross slope Street, to let taxi driver smooth found we of location. hope hotel can in this aspects do improved.
  • pipi1030
    Apartment in Dong Zhi men Wai da Jie, the transportation is convenient, a very good environment, very quiet ... service was good ... ... would consider staying again ... thank staff for their help.
  • leerx
    Good location, Line 2, line is in the vicinity of the airport community is quiet, replete with household appliances, room, floating window is 1 m wide, can sleep one. the store is very nice, overall high praise.
  • tianbisifa
    Nice, nice, nice
  • Edmond
    High performance-price ratio very good nice
  • mumulinjie
    Must give praise! service-careful and attentive! looking forward to bye!
  • allango
    Very nice hotel, very quiet, seats are also very good. hotel facilities are complete, will choose next time!
  • gujiong1272
    Very good
  • e05747320
    Nice apartment hotel, residential environment, is also quite good, good location.
  • e00107447
    The boss is very nice, located in the busy dongzhimen, but environmental naozhongqujing, very comfortable accommodation, only equipment is a little old, overall there is 85 per cent.
  • mood light rain
    Facilities pretty full. is more difficult to find. good
  • DYF545484
    Had several good TV is bad
  • jamielee
    Very comfortable
  • jinding
    Hotels in dongzhimen, directly to Airport Express, there are next to Ginza, raffles and card security is also very good, quiet, long live choice here is good
  • e00014270
    Good, clean, not far from Metro station
  • AmyJIJI
    It's not bad
  • e00798365
    Room was spacious and very quiet, is surrounding nothing store
  • freedomou
    Place at the dongzhimen ten minutes really cold winters where room is relatively big facilities
  • e04875159
    That's good
  • acuipang
    Second stay at. community environment is quiet, surrounding transportation is also convenient ... If you want to Cook, and kitchen utensils. cost-effective.
  • emmasix
    The boss is very nice, and take us to the subway station, very nice rooms, clean and tidy
  • fdjlwsjts
    Very suitable as a serviced apartment for longer stays. The room is large and there is a washing maschine and iron, but there is no lounge or restaurant.
  • cct975332
    Hotel environment is quiet Oh! and out is is convenient, bus station on in door, East straight door outside Street Lake Villa are opposite, taxi master are can know. Hotel internal what are has, pots and pans full has, washing machine distribution of detergent is intimate, but now should no people with detergent has's, so downstairs in Community export right turned on can found a market, buy dish buy meat buy eggs, certainly also has laundry liquid. This staying of II floor, continuous 3rd, no five-starHotel splendid conditions, but the bed was comfortable, the whole environment is also very good, really feel back home as easy, very suitable for fun couples girlfriends ... recommended!
  • debuglee
    OK OK OK magic mirror
  • L1119
    Location is good, the traffic is very convenient, Line 2 and line 10 minutes walk, the surrounding environment good, high-end residential, slightly smaller bays, facilities, good health, great can do better
  • antia_tian
    That's good!
  • yinyinyin1982
    Very nice hotel, the most suitable for a family to live, community environment is very good, nearby amenities. in this area, it should be said is the sex drive is higher than the hotel. next time you will not.
  • niuaiting
    First times staying Beijing British furuihai Sheng apartments, personal on this self type service hotel apartments as Xia of experience; (1) apartments location in East straight door traffic hub of East South, from airport can took fast iron to East straight door station, again walk about ten minutes to apartments North North door; no traffic of dilemma. near also has Metro station and bus station, travel very convenient. (2) due to not close to Dong Zhi men Wai da Jie, inside and outside the apartment, very quiet surroundings. (3) shopping dining nonConvenient: chunxiu road, cross street, Raffles City and around the subway station there are supermarkets and restaurants; apartment also have a supermarket. This happened at the dongzhimen traffic hub 'five light food' Food City opened, more choices for dining. (4) the apartment reception staff very friendly sincere; when Mr LAU details usage of facilities within the apartment, check out take me to Dong Zhi men Wai da Jie. (5) the back rooms very spacious, six days and five nights stay very comfortableClothing. will also continue to support next time.
  • nicole1818
    Apartments in East straight door c mouth to East, walk 10 minutes around. community has two a door, South door away from Metro mouth more near, has a Community market; North door out on has many delicious of store. community of environment, security are good. Special like eat Metro mouth near of street rabbit and North door out of celebrates Feng bun. room pattern good, air conditioning effect good, a three mouth live, slightly somewhat squeeze, but not effect we play of mood.
  • gao_wg
    Which is very nice
  • nanxuanma
    It's OK
  • lupeng890825
    Well away from dongzhimen to walk about 10 minutes easy
  • e02537246
    Housing prices in Beijing now you have reason, this environment is not worth the price, said to be able to Cook, but none of spices, residential environment, well, is not so good
  • mmsslucy
    Nice hotel, very good! high praise!
  • Jamesling2005
    Aparthotel, as usual, is a good choice.
  • luyaofei
    Room a little debris, environment is very good traffic convenience.